Gemma Wright

Gem Kinesiology

Holistic Connective Healing.
Tapping into the bodies innate ability to self-heal.

About Gemma

Gemma’s warm and natural way assists clients to connect with their body, mind and inner knowing.

Gemma has a close connection with nature and sees that the ‘self-work’ that humans engage in can help to support humankind in a better way in to the future. Gemma was drawn to the empowering truthful elements of Kinesiology that helps humans to take back their sovereignty and connect with the heart, in order to truly shine. Gemma loves the practical and efficient healing outcomes of Kinesiology and draws on a range of healing skills to support her work with individuals who desire a life of health, balance, connection and purpose.

Gemma has an open heart and open mind with a view to support clients to release what is no longer needed and align with their best and most true form of self and to share it with the world.


Kinesiology is the worlds fastest growing natural therapy and is about accessing and integrating balance and harmony.

Using a simple muscle monitoring technique, Kinesiology can locate imbalances or blocks in the bodies physical, mental, emotional and energy systems. Kinesiology is non-invasive and draws on healing knowledge from the East and the West.

Kinesiology is a way to help people get closer to being their most optimal and authentic self. Relieving the body and its bodily systems of stress enables the body to re-organise with less dis-function, supporting it to attune to its own optimal vibration. Every session is different and every client is treated as a unique individual, supporting them to reach their highest potential.

Kinesiology is a highly effective and versatile healing modality suitable for addressing a wide range of health care issues in people of all ages including:

  • Immunity, Vitality & Wellness
  • Anxiety, Depression & Fatigue Release
  • Trauma, Grief & Survival Stress Relief
  • Balance of Physical Structure
  • Poor Digestion & Gut Issues
  • Behaviour, Attitude & Thought Freedom
  • Learning Difficulties and Neural Integration
  • Immune system & Vitality
  • Reproduction and Hormones
  • Addictions, Relationship & Behavioural Issues
  • Life Enhancement & Motivation