Kris Hines

Kris Hines

You and your unique life

The human mind and heart are remarkable: they are designed to long for and to build new and more fulfilling ways of living –  at least, that’s what happens when we use those amazing abilities of awareness and intention. But!! without this awareness, the default survival habits of heart and mind automatically stick with the old ways – supposedly to protect us, but really this only keeps us stuck in painful or limiting patterns. Bringing in the new must be a conscious decision!

Is it time to take action for yourself in your life?

Counselling is a focussed way to intentionally create change by addressing the unresolved past, honouring your true needs, and putting new tools into play, step by step, kindly yet powerfully.

Relationship Counselling

Take charge with new pathways for deep and genuine relationship change.

Individual Counselling

Live your truth by honouring your needs with courage and compassion.

Voice Dialogue

Who’s running you? Your Pleaser? Pusher? Inner Critic? Move toward empowered choices.

I work with people to help them reconnect with their personal power so that they can act with more inner strength and with an integrity that really honours who they want to be. We work to develop new skills and tools to make this happen – whether the changes needed are within the person, or within their life.