Tracey Heslop

Tracey Heslop
Remedial Dyslexia Therapy

The Alison Lawson Centre Sunshine Coast

Dyslexia? Reading and Learning Difficulties?

Do you or your child suffer with the following:

• Poor spelling?
• ADHD or ADD?
• Poor concentration?
• Reading/writing takes a lot of effort?
• Difficulty in getting thoughts on paper?
• Reverses letters/words/numbers?
• Lacking in confidence in literacy based learning?
• Bright but struggles to read and write?
• Difficulty sight reading music?

Any of these symptoms can be the result of a physiological impairment that leads to difficulty processing literacy based learning. But the good news is we can identify and successfully treat the underlying condition so that learning becomes easier!

Orthoptist Alison Lawson spent many years researching the commonalities amongst children who typically presented with the above symptoms, and she discovered there was a problem with the eye’s functionality and the brain’s ability to process the visual due to suppression in the visual cortex, resulting in the impediment of literacy based learning, which is predominantly visual.

She went on to develop the techniques and technology that successfully treat the underlying cause of the learning difficulties in an average of 10 sessions.

The Results of the Treatment

• The visual systems are corrected to function normally or better than normal; therefore, vision improves (this does not include refractive errors, disease or degenerative conditions of the eye).
• Suppression in the brain is removed
• Ability to concentrate improves
• Words start to make sense
• Working memory improves
• Greater ease in learning the building blocks of reading and writing
• Reading is easier
• Processing of learning is easier and faster
• Plus more…